David Barton Photo Pricing

Package Description

'Big Pack'
Ideal for your larger square foot listings. This package has: 56 Professional Still Photos and 5 Enhanced (HDR)** plus 5 Ad Photosfor marketing.
$ 199.95

45 Stills+10HDR Stills
5 Ad Photos
Homes with views or large landscapes. A total of 50 Images 35 Still Images, 10 HDR Images and
5 Ad Photo Files for marketing

50 Stills Perfect for properties of 5000 plus sq. feet 99.95
36 Stills Ideal for properties ranging from 3500-4500 sq. Ft. 79.95
25 Stills Ideal for properties ranging from 2500-3500 sq. Ft. 69.95
15 Stills Perfect for smaller properties up to 2500 sq. feet. 49.95
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*Within 50 miles of Salt Lake County
**High Definition Resolution
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